Drake & Macefield Keep It Local

We are forging a local field-to-plate supply partnerships with Skipton’s new Le Bistro des Amis.

The Jerry Croft restaurant is now taking prime beef from us and we source it direct from local farmers John and Alison Spensley, of Manor Farm, Thorlby.

Luc Daguzan, who launched Le Bistro des Amis with business partner Liz Weatherby in December, 2010, explains:

“Developing on-the-doorstep field-to-table partnerships such as this allows us to have hands-on control over the supply process. This means we are able to ensure quality, along with full traceability, which is important to us, as many of our customers want to know where the meat they eat comes from and we are happy to provide them with this valuable information. Moreover, our local supply ethos both helps keep food miles to a minimum and supports the local economy.”

The French-style bar and bistro is strengthening its links with Drake & Macefield.  We established a supply partnership with the Spensleys five years ago and we’re now sourcing some 300 prime cattle every year from the farm. Among them are British Blue, Limousin and Aberdeen Angus breeds, all renowned for the eating quality of their beef.

All are reared completely naturally, being grass-fed in the summer months and finished on a special  high-energy diet of potatoes, maize, grass sileage, crushed and rolled barley, and protein pellets.

After a fact-finding visit to the Spensleys’ 550-acre holding, which is fully farm-assured, Luc explained:

“I was extremely impressed by the high standards maintained. The fact that the farm has to undergo rigorous annual inspections, guaranteeing all aspects of animal welfare and environmental care, is extremely important to us – as, I am sure, it is to our customers.”

Le Bistro des Amis also sources other meat products through Drake & Macefield Butchers, including prime lamb, also from the Spensleys, free-range chickens, and home-cured bacon. Some of the bacon comes from rare breed Saddleback pigs raised by one of our partners, Ian Thompson on the outskirts of Skipton.

2 Responses to Drake & Macefield Keep It Local

  1. joe&lindsey conner. October 4, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    so impressed with your steak&ale pie we bought 40 of them to take back home to colchester as there is nothing like them here we have even put a padlock on the frezzer to stop the kids from helping themselvs to them.very well done to all of you we will be back for more. regards joe&lindsey.

  2. John Pancreas January 17, 2012 at 11:50 am #

    Pies are proper nice from ere. They make me warm inside. I bought 41 from the shop and took back to Bolton to tell my friends.

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