Drake & Macefield continue to source the best quality meat that money can buy from reputable, established local farmers through flagship field-to-plate partnerships.

Farmers like John Spensley of Skipton, who is now supplying Drake & Macefield with top-notch Limousin-cross cattle. This superb beef is proving extremely popular with customers. All John’s cattle are home bred completely naturally in lush green pastures. The farm is registered as farm-assured and is subject to rigorous annual inspections, guaranteeing all aspects of animal welfare and environmental care. John also supplies us with lamb.

The latest news on the local supply front – and you won’t get much more local than this – concerns partner Ian Thompson, who has taken over 35 acres of verdant pastureland on the outskirts of Skipton to raise his own Suffolk and Texel prime lambs exclusively for Drake & Macefield customers. He is also supplying us with free range, rare breed pigs.